Home made sweets



Taste this interestingly shaped and apparently simple dry sweet. It easily melts in mouth and leaves on your palate the whole harmony of natural essences of lemon and orange with a soft feeling and odour of the Dalmatian sun. Traditionally you eat it after dipping it in the sweet wine Prošek. One taste and you will succumb to its seductive charms! This sweet like all others which follow is hand made and that is why each piece is original and unique.



It is also made of the same light pastry with a sweet “surprise” in the middle of it! When your teeth bite into this thin aromatic layer of crisp pastry, they reach momentarily the rich filling of walnuts combined with an  essence of the home made rose brandy. One can only imagine the other flavours being created in your mouth . . .



Light gold “amareta” is said to be the sweet with secret aphrodisiac powers !? This captivating sweet is rich in fine flavours, including ground almonds and the lemon flavour and orange peel . . . But other irresistible flavours can be hardly defined! Many people guess, it contains honey and dried figs, but, what is the truth? This will remain a tempting secret. GLUTEN FREE!


Marko Polo bombica

The name of this sweet is connected with the shape of a canon ball as a reminder of the internationally known sea battle in which Marko Polo was captured, which happened in the Korčula vicinity. “Bombica Marko Polo” is a new creative product which is just starting to become a part of Korčulan tradition. It is a real calorific bomb-ballot filled with fine cream, sprinkled with minced walnutsand then coated with a thick layer of chocolate. This delicious combination is eagerly awaited by chocolate connoisseurs. GLUTEN FREE!



is a cake made of carob, a sweet and aromatic fruit. It’s used from biblical times and is presented marmalade capped with orange rind. This delicious cake is highly recommended.


Roasted Almonds

The Romans used to bring them as a present to friends and they were thrown to the new weds as a symbol of fertility. Our grandmothers used to roast this simple sweet during long years until nowadays.


Roasted Almonds “White”

In Korčula they are prepared “white” contagiously aromatic and crunchy for weddings, christenings, first communions and other occasions.


The Spomilje from Korčula

The Spomilje from Korčula are made following an old forgotten recipe from egg white sugar, vanilla and lemon juice. Spomilje comes from the word spomen -memory as once you taste it you’ll never forget it. GULTEN FREE!